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Belgian Boys crepes let you be the artist of creating your own recipes. Our Artisanal crepes taste just like home made. It is easy, fast and convenient. Once you try them, you will never have a brunch without them.
Just Heat, Serve and Enjoy!

Made in the Netherlands


Contains Allergens: wheat, eggs, soy
Produced in a facility that processed milk.

(17 customer reviews)

Remove Crepes from packaging and place on serving plate. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Microwave ovens may vary and cooking time may have to be adjusted.

Remove Crepes from packaging. Cook both sides for about 1 minute until hot with butter or oil.

Keep refrigerated (45f).
Must be consumed within 3 days after product opening.

Weight 1.16 lbs

17 reviews for Crepes

  1. Chef John

    Wow these are Great. They are so good most of the time I just eat them plain.

    • Anouck Gotlib

      Thanks for being a fan!

  2. Briana

    Love them, came across them randomly and had to look them up online to get more!

  3. De Shawn Kelly

    Excellent product!!! My household is in favor of them! Just finished off one!!!?????

  4. Brian

    I absolutely love these. Found them at Costco in California, but haven’t seen them for a couple of years. I hope they return, or I can find them some place else.

  5. Suzanne Abdulahad

    So yummy. So many possibilities. My family loves these and I go out of my way to get them. Please please get these into more stores they are fabulous and well worth the price!!

  6. Pamela

    So delicious I broke my wheat/yeast/gluten fast. The ingredients are spectacular, and you can taste it in the product. These taste like the wonderful “German pancakes” my mother used to make, a little more tooth and textures than the delicate French crepe, and I prefer that. I wrapped up little segments of tangerine in mine and sprinkled it with coconut sugar, delicious!

  7. Andrea

    Love these, but the only store I can find them in, is Gelsons. (It is a high end Southern California chain). I want them available in more places, and to know what those places are. I also have a semi-bizarre request: make an even number in the box–six or eight, not a prime number. Sharing a package between two people for breakfast requires one to get more, or to cut a crepe in half. For three people-forget it!

  8. Laura G

    Delicious and wonderful! Love them! It would be super helpful if the crepes had parchment sheets between them so I don’t have to I thaw all to eat one. (I ration out the yumminess!!)


    they are yummy filled with fruit and yogurt

  10. Taylor S

    So happy I found these at the my local grocery store !!! I have always loved crepes and I love that I can make them at home !!

  11. Annie F.

    These are SO good, love them wrapped up with almond butter for a quick breakfast. We’re officially addicted.

  12. Martine Bathurst

    We came across these in a store in Embrun Ontario Canada and feel in love with them. Is there another Eastern Ontario store we can find them?

  13. Mary Lou Slaughter

    One of my favorite treats any time of day… delicious with different flavors of yogurt! I buy them in bulk and try to always have them in my freezer…. I too go out of my way to find them. Please distribute more..

  14. Shannon Davidson

    The crepes are soo good! But I can’t find them anywhere. My local store has not restocked.

    • Anouck Gotlib

      Hi Shannon, Thanks for being a fan! Where in the US are you located?

  15. Meriem

    J’ai découvert ces fameuses crêpes délicieuses pour la première fois chez Costco et tout ma petite famille est tomber en amour. On ne pouvaient plus s’en passer, mon fils mange ça avec du Nutella et des framboises fraîches à tout moment de la journée. Malheureusement je les retrouvent plus chez Costco et je cherche pour è les acheter

  16. Carole Grosch

    We LOVE the crepes but cannot find them anywhere locally in the 93611 (Clovis, California) zip code. How can I buy these delicious taste treats?

  17. Carole Grosch

    Absolutely love these crepes! Where can they be purchased in Clovis, California? I found them at one Walmart store, but they haven’t restocked, alas. Help!

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